Games at Great Shots

This isn’t your basic driving range—this is Great Shots, 

where you can test your skills with fun, interactive golf games.

Here’s how it works: you tee off from a private bay on our 250-yard driving range 

with state-of-the-art ball tracking technology.  

So with every swing of the club, you can see how far your ball went and where it landed.

Automated ball dispensers in each bay let you tee up your next shot with a wave of your club. 

How great is that?

Purchase your $5 lifetime Player’s Card to get started, then take on our unique games.


Test your skills as you try to land your shot on various islands or points across the range. Earn more points by getting closer to the pin or landing on targets farther from the tee box. Make your way through the game’s three levels by scoring enough points to advance.


Earn points by smashing your ball into virtual objects placed around the course in various locations. Get enough points, and you’ll advance to the next stage.

Long Drive

How far can you drive the ball? Win this challenge by hitting your ball the furthest. Choose between one and 20 shots per player.


Hit your ball and earn points by striking bumpers, rails and other objects—just like a pinball machine! Your ball virtually acts and responds like a real pinball, so think strategically before you swing. Three levels are available. Score enough points to advance.


Enjoy a fully immersive practice session that provides real-time statistics like ball speed, club speed, ball spin rate, launch angle and more. Groups can use “Multi-Player Practice” to share the experience and compare stats.

Golf Courses

Experience different golf courses (real or fantasy) right from your tee box.

  • Killeen Castle Golf Club – Ireland
  • The Rookery at Marco Island – Florida
  • The Islands Golf Club – Ireland
  • Kingsville Golf & Country Club (Gold-Red) – Ireland
  • Kingsville Golf & Country Club (Red-White) – Ireland
  • Kingsville Golf & Country Club (White-Gold) – Ireland
  • Blackthorn Golf Course – Indiana
  • Hammock Bay Course – Indiana
  • Fairytale Golf Course – Fantasy
  • Windy Bay Golf Course – Fantasy
  • The Mountain Golf P&P – Fantasy

Our Technology

Great Shots technology lets you experience all the best parts of golf, made even better and more immersive.

  • Doppler radar helps you track your ball, plus keep tabs on ball and club speed, spin rate and more – all while using a standard golf ball and club.
  • Virtual reality games put you in the middle of courses from around the world, along with aiming toward virtual targets, aerial targets and more.
  • Track your development with ongoing game stats, shot analysis and more with each visit.
  • Enjoy the fun of the game from a luxury tee box equipped with touchscreens, heating and air conditioning, automated ball dispensers, music, TVs and friendly service.

Hours & Rates

Golf bays are first come, first serve.

To receive extra perks, like discounts, upgrades, and priority access, consider a membership.


PEAK and NON-PEAK hours and rates are listed below.

Day OPERATING Hours Non-Peak
Monday: 9AM - 10PM Open - 5PM
5PM - Close
Tuesday: 9AM - 10PM Open - 5PM
5PM - Close
Wednesday: 9AM - 10PM Open - 5PM
5PM - Close
Thursday: 9AM - 11PM Open - 5PM
5PM - Close
Friday: 9AM - 1AM Open - 5PM & 10PM - Close
5PM - 10PM
Saturday: 9AM - 1AM Open - 12PM & 10PM - Close
12PM - 10PM
Sunday: 9AM - 10PM Open - 12PM & 5PM - Close
12PM - 5PM

A lifetime Player’s Card is required to purchase at check-in for $5 to allow access into the gaming system each visit. 

If card is lost, $2 re-print fee does apply.

Golf clubs are included in rates. Bring in your own clubs to use if you prefer.

Hourly pricing is per bay per hour, not per person.

6 guests can be swiped into the gaming system at one time.

Hourly pro-rating occurs within 1 hour of any rate change.

Discounts offered:

  • Sanford Employees receive 50% off the entire bay rate during NON-PEAK hours and 20% off the entire bay rate during PEAK hours. 
  • Sanford Wellness Members receive 50% off during NON-PEAK and PEAK times on their portion of the bay.
  • City Golf Pass Holders receive 50% off during NON-PEAK times only on their portion of the bay.


Discount Examples:

  • Sanford Employees: The cost of the entire bay is discounted even if all the guests in the group are not all Sanford Employees. For example, 4 guests come to golf on a Friday during NON-PEAK hours and the rate is $27 per bay per hour and one of the guests is a Sanford Employee. The entire bay will now be 50% off. The total cost for that 1 hour bay would for $13.50 for the entire group.
  • Sanford Wellness members and City Golf Pass Holders: The cost of the bay is divided by the number of people in the group and then the discount applies to the guest who is eligible for the discount. For example, 3 guests come to golf on a Friday and the rate is $27 per bay per hour and 1 guest is a Sanford Wellness member. The cost of the bay is divided by 3 guests, each responsible for $9. The Sanford Wellness member will receive 50% off their portion of the bay ($9), to make their portion only $4.50 and the other 2 guests would pay $9 each.
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